With years of experience as a makeup artist, educator and lead creative on successful beauty campaigns, I have accepted that my goal is to merge my purpose & passion to truly impact lives through beauty, while scaling businesses by leveraging the experience, trust and brand presence I have through Art and Creative Story-telling.
Valerie Lawson; a multiple award-winning makeup artist is specialized in a range of beauty services and is renowned for her bridal makeup artistry. Her ability to create original exquisite looks that leaves one in awe of the craft stems from her passion for self-expression, creativity and a bit of adventure. Valerie has pitched in her quota to the growth of the Beauty industry in Ghana through her works. Her professionalism has attracted high profile clients including Her Excellency Samira Bawumia, Her Excellency Erna Solberg, Mrs Reeta Roy, Maria Borges, Ms Bozoma St.John and Nicole Ari-Parker. She has mastery in : Concept Creation & Visualization, Mobilizing & Managing Resources & Brands, and Marketing & Promotions.
Having worn the hat of multiple roles as a sole entrepreneur; Valerie learnt to master the requisite skills needed to grow her budding business. Over the years, she has gained the expertise and knowledge in the areas of - strategizing, planning and managing which evolved into consulting for individuals and businesses who were galvanized with her impressionable works. Her pragmatic and realistic approach has led to many successful and loved projects such as: The CVL Beauty master class in 2018 & 2019, CVL X Pistis bridal campaign in 2017, 2018 and 2019. She brings on board her proficiency in: Comprehensive Planning, Mobilizing Resources and Execution of plan while coordinating and providing first class hospitality service to all involved.
With an ardor and zeal to share knowledge & impact lives, a side of Valerie’s artistic persona metamorphosed into an educator progressively. From teaching a student the art of makeup artistry to selling out masterclass seats; Valerie’s interest in the growth of her students has had a rippling effect in her career- opening the window as an educator and a public speaker. Her mantra of self-identity is at the heart of her teachings and public engagements. Some of her educative and speaking engagement includes: the CVL Beauty Masterclasses, UGBS Entrepreneurship Talk, Mac Cosmetics UK, Prime Years x Sorted Chale. Valerie through experience has expertise in: Creating Visual Beauty Assets for Social Media, Planning Beauty Campaigns & Project Activations, Trend Analysis and Product Development.
Valerie Cares is a Non-Profit foundation that aims to educate, empower and equip majorly women. Over the years, Valerie has had individuals approach her and they all seek one thing -HELP. She has in her own capacity been of help through heavily discounted classes, employment and referrals, gifting of products & cash, and her annual internship program. This load has become one to be shared with others who buy into the foundation’s core values, mission & vision to build a mutual relationship for the growth and development of beneficiaries of future projects. Valerie is also keen on environmental sustainability and will love to work with you as a partner or volunteer to protect and maintain our environment for us and future generations.



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